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Well, we all knew this time would come. Lorain Championship Wrestling has closed it's doors. There were a few factors that effected our decision to stop. One would be getting on the local news channel. This was a major accomplishment, but we were left with nothing higher we could accomplish. Another factor was just plain boredorm with it. It just got to be not fun anymore. The people who wrestled with us decided to stop comming and the people who came to watch stopped coming. Things just aren't the same they were when LCW was first started up. None of us had jobs, almost none of us could drive and now almost everyone in LCW can either drive, has a job, or both. But it was real fun.

We would like to thank Dan Gilles, because if it weren't for him we would not have been on Fox 8 and people would not have seen LCW live, Daz of the Backyard Wrestling Link for getting us exposure on the internet and thinking we were a "Cut Above The Rest", the people at Samson's Powerhouse for letting us have our shows there and letting people come watch us, and everyone who came to watch Lorain Championship Wrestling live.

We hope everyone out there enjoyed the effort we put out, so farewell and goodnight.