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Jude's Journal

Now that the Olympics are finally upon us, some comments on the involvement and purposes of the Mormon church are called for. The Mormon church, which has a very active proselytizing program with over 40,000 missionaries worldwide, has been attempting to get the Olympic committee to assign the Games to Utah for the past thirty five years and now that they have succeeded, they are filled with great joy. The Molympics, as they have been dubbed, will bring wealth and prestige as well as tremendous global media coverage to the Mormon church.

The LDS have a well oiled Public Relations arm of the church which is responsible for the quality ad campaigns which have been aired over the past twenty years on television and radio touting the 'family first' ideology and attempting to downplay the various points of contention between the LDS and the Christian church. Due to the financial strength of the church, many television stations across the country are now owned and operated by the LDS. Many other media outlets have bowed to the pressure brought to bear by the LDS through financial clout and other means and only positive comments about the church are now aired from these stations. Talking points are prepared by the church as one Olympic reporter put it, "for lazy journalists who don't do their own research" to send back to their media outlets for airing. Lest we forget, a few of these 'points of contention' are:

1- Mormons are polytheists, believing that millions of gods exist, but claiming that they only worship one of them. This is contrary to the clear teaching of the Bible that there is only one God by nature; all other gods are man-made.

2- Mormon teaching is that Lucifer and Jesus are 'spirit brothers', born of the same god and goddess. The LDS sing hymns about their 'heavenly mother'. The Bible teaches that Jesus created Lucifer when He created the universe and all that is in them including the angels and says nothing about a 'heavenly mother'.

3- Joseph Smith taught that the Mormon church was the only true church on the face of the earth and all Christian churches were an abomination in God's sight as being apostate. When Jesus established His church, He said that He would never leave us or forsake us, and although there are many denominations, the central pillars of the Christian faith "once delivered unto the saints" (Jude 3) are intact within these groups, hence, there has never been the universal falling away of the church as described by the Mormon church.

4- The LDS teach that people can themselves become gods and goddesses by strict observation of the teachings of the Mormon church in morals and church involvement. Again, the Bible shows that there is only one God by nature, and there will never be another. God has reserved the mantle of divinity for Himself, alone.

5- As first and second prophet and president of the church, Joseph Smith and Brigham Young did teach as eternal lasting doctrine the policy of plural wives, or polygamy and taught that it was absolutely necessary to a man's progression towards godhood that he have multiple wives while here on earth in this life. The church plays down this issue whenever it comes up without truly addressing the historical facts surrounding this teaching. The Bible clearly teaches from the beginning that although there are men who were involved in polygamy in Scripture, it was never God's plan for a man to have more than one wife. In Genesis, Adam and Eve were created in the Garden, not Adam and Eve and Betty and Linda, etc. In the New Testament it is written that a man in position in the Christian church should have only one wife as God's standard.

It will be interesting to watch how the LDS position their cameras to show the Temple in the background as much as possible to place it in a favorable light for the world to see while, at the same time, talking up the church and downplaying the negative publicity. There will be many Christian organizations present in Salt Lake City distributing literature to as many as they can to shine the light of truth on the Mormon claims. I will be interested in monitoring the LDS response to these Christian missionaries, which has typically been hostile to attempts by Christians to teach the truth about the LDS church.

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