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Jordan 1998

This is just a short summary of how Jordan is doing today.Jordan is now 4 years and 2 months old, and basically doing great. He has no medical problems of any kind. He wears glasses because of the retinopathy. His left eye isn't real bad but his right is pretty bad. Jordan is still very small as far as the weight, but he is starting to sprout up a bit. He weighs about 27 pounds now. I dont think he will ever be real big, but at least he is healthy... He starts preschool next week. (He went last year too). He did very well last year, he was pretty much up to speed with the other kids, except for his attention span and socializing with the other kids. He knows his ABC's, and can count to 10 if he wants to. He seems to be very intelligent from some things he has done and said. He watches a lot of T.V., mostly Home Repair shows and some cartoons. He loves Bob Vila!!! He actually named his kitten Bob Vila, but the cat was being pretty rough so we had to find a new home. His favorite cartoon is Arthur. I think it is because he wears glasses too. And as you noticed from the website he also loves Winnie the Pooh.

Jordan had a Grade 4 IVH and so far seems to be showing no effects from it, thank goodness. He has quite a few scars on his legs from the broviac lines. But nothing too noticable..