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Joshua's Picture Page


I sit in this bright, loud room and watch you
I stare in anguish as you breathe through the spaghetti-tubes.
I see you through a tapestry of wires.
I follow the green tracings of your heartbeat on the television screen.
The probes are attatched to your transparent skin.
You cry, but the tubes take even that away from you.
I sit and watch as though you weren't real.
Yet I feel your struggle and I breathe deep breats for you.
I wait for you to open your eyes.
To see me and the world that awaits for you.
Your eyes could say "I have no fight left in me and that I just want it to be over".
I can't hold on anymore so let me go.
But I am sorry Joshua, I love you and I will not let you go.
I will hold your hand and be by your side.
I will wait until you are strong enough for me to hold you in my arms.
Joshua, don't worry, the pain will finally go away.
Ronda Davis

Joshua and Tylers Story
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