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This is Jordans 1998-1999 Prescool picture. He is doing pretty good in school although he has had to set on the timeout chair several times. He seems to like to be the bully, even though he is the smallest in the class. He now weighs about 30 pounds and is about 37 inches tall. He is very healthy and very active. Sometimes we have a hard time keeping up with him...

This picture was taken March of 99'. As you can see, Jordan loves to have his picture taken. He is a ham when it comes to the camera. Jordan is doing great in school. He can finally write his name!!!( Big Accomplishment) Healthwise He is doing great, knock on wood, he hasn't been sick all winter. He is growing like a weed in the height department, but still don't gain much weight. He burns most of it off I'm sure. He is changing his taste a bit as far as T.V. He know likes Dexter, Batman and HGTV. He still likes Arthur and Pooh, but not as much. We really want to get him started on the computer but all he wants to do is bang on the keyboard and push all the buttons. Any suggestions??

This is Jordan's picture taken in April at school. He is doing great with his writing and progressing more all the time. His temper he had about a year ago has settled down a lot. We were worried he may have a problem, but it must have just been something he needed to grow out of. He is really glad that it is getting warm outside. He loves to ride his battery operated CAT, and loves to dig in the mud.
We had an appointment this month with the eye doctor, and everything looks real good. He was very cooperative this time, and even managed to get a free flashlight from the doctor. He will go back in another 6 months for another exam. Hopefully this will turn out as good...
Were still not gaining much weight yet, but he is growing. "Straight Up"....
All in all Jordan is doing great this year.

Jordan and his dog Tuffy the week before Christmas 1999.

Jordan and his Dirt Devil, Christmas 1999

Jordan at Grandma's Christmas 1999

Jordan and his new recliner and Dirt Devil, Christmas 1999