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For more than 30 years the United States Government has deceived and misinformed the American Public about the status of American Soldiers who fought and then were left behind in the jungles of Vietnam. There have been continual reports from people who have fled Vietnam, stating that they have not only SEEN but HEARD of American Soldiers alive and held against their will.


The Government of the United States has stated that there are no longer Americans alive in the jungles of Vietnam. As recent as the mid 1990's reports of sightings of LIVE American Soldiers have been submitted to the Department of Defense and other government agencies. The Government of the United States does nothing to investigate these reports and once again abandons any possibilities of returning these American Military Men to this country's soil.

A document has been discovered that suggest captured Americans were taken to the Soviet Union in the late 1960s for "intelligence-gathering purposes." Prime Minister Primakov, a former KGB Chairman, denied Madeline Albright's request to release the document. This is the time we have to get President William Clinton and Congress to move on getting this information released and investigated. We cannot sit back and allow this to continue any longer.

It is time we tell the government of the United States --NO MORE --MORE THAN 30 YEARS IS TOO LONG TO WAIT FOR ACCOUNTABILITY OF OUR MILITARY MEN. It is time Americans stand up and demand that our soldiers be brought home, dead or live, to the country that they were willing to risk their lives to serve and protect. IT IS TIME TO BRING OUR SOLDIERS HOME.


Please download the petition and have your family, friends, neighbors, people at work and everyone you can think of to sign it. After downloading the file, please email me at the email address below and let me know that you are going to tell the government NO MORE!!!!

Operation Bring Them Home .

Download the Petetion File

Download the file to be able to print it out.

Our goal is to collect more than 500,000 signatures to send to the U.S. Senate so that we can tell them that it is time to bring our soldiers home.

If everyone can collect 25 or more signatures, the goal of 500,000 will not be hard to reach. Please download the file into your Word Processor and print it as many times as you choose and start gathering signatures.

When you have finished collecting the signatures mail the petitions to me at:

Operation Bring Them Home
C/O Jeff Grote
409 West Water Street
Piqua, Ohio 45356

Please bookmark this page as I will update it once a week to keep you informed as to the number of signatures collected. Once the 500,000 signature goal has been reached, the petitions will be taken to Washington, D.C. and delivered to the Senate. They will then know that the American People have not and will not forget our Service Men who were left behind.

As of 2-17-1999 we have collected: