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Caitlin Nicole Grote's Homepage

Hi, my name is Caity. I also have a big name and that is Caitlin Nicole Grote. I am six years old (On October 9th)and I have Jesus in my heart. I live with my Daddy in an apartment that I love. One of my favorites things is my cat who's name is KeeKee. She loves me and I love her and she sleeps on my bed every night. Now I have another cat named Spot. She is a baby still and scratches me but I love her anyway. I love to play with my Barbie dolls, watch Disney videos and get all my toys out but that messes up my bedroom and I have to clean it. That is not one of my favorite things. I like to play, sing, dance and run around. I like to pray for people and say the prayer before we eat food. I also like to sing songs about Jesus and play computer games with stories from the Bible. I even saw a story about Jesus and He walked on the water and did not sink. I like that one a lot.

I just started to Kindergarten last week and I love it. I go to Nicklin Learning Center and my teacher is Mrs. Burkhardt. She is very nice and I think she and I will be friends. I am already very smart and enjoy learning new things. I am reading BIG kids books and enjoy being able to read to my Daddy and my GA. I can tell time on a real clock and know how to count money and I know how much I have in my bank. I wish I could go to school everyday, but my Daddy says I can not go to school on S days (Saturday and Sunday). I am also getting ready to join the Girl Scouts, I will be a Daisy Scout. My Daddy even bought me my own Ariel alarm clock and I can get up in the morning and get my self dressed and ready to go on my own. Things are really changing in my life but I like getting more responsibility cause it means I get to play on the computer whenever I want to now because I am almost all grown up.

My Daddy and I also are raising fish now. I have my own fish tank that I take care of (with Daddy's help) and like to raise baby fish. My fish tank has pink and purple gravel in and and I hope to be able to get some pictures of it so I can show everyone. Daddy and I go to the local stores and collect their babies also. I like when they are real small because it gives me the chance to watch them grow up and because they wiggle when they swim and I think that is really funny. As soon as I get some pictures of my fish tank I will put them on the web for everyone to see.

My favorite people are first my Daddy, and then my Ga (Grandma) and Paw-now (Grandpa), my Aunt Terri and Uncle Norman and cousins Jessica and Mandy. I love when they come to visit and when I go to visit them. I have a lot of friends and I am making new friends in my school. Oh, I don't want to forget my Guardian Angel that I named Life Guard. He is very big and he is always with me and my friends also. My bestest friend forever is my Ga. I like to visit her and we play games and talk a lot. Her house is a fun place to go to and I get to see her almost every day. Ga and I promised to be bestest friends forever.

One thing that is very important to me, my Dad and my Ga is Operation Just Cause and the POW/MIA(s). I have my own POW/MIA bracelet and I wear it for Joseph Echanis whose name is on the bracelet. I wear it because there was a very bad war and some of the people did not come home. I feel sad for them because I know how sad I would be to have to wait a long time to see my Daddy if he did not come home. So I will never take off my POW/MIA bracelet until all the men come back home and that would make their kids very happy. My Dad and I also fly a POW/MIA flag to remind everyone about the POW/MIA and them not coming home. When we put up the American Flag and the POW/MIA flag I say the Pledge of Allegiance and salute the flag. I think I am going to like being six years old, I will get to do more new things but I am not big enough to do everything that I want to do, maybe I can when I am seven.

You can even send me an email and let me know what you think of my web page, or just to tell me hello. Just click on the picture of the dolphin and it will take you to my email address.

Here are some pictures of me and my family. You already saw my Daddy on his page so I will leave him off, but here is everyone else.

This first one is of Jessica and me at Tipp Of The Town I think it is a wonderful picture:

This next one is of my Pa-Now (Grandfather)and Amanda. All I can say is "Look at that hair!!!!!"

The next one I want to show you is of my Uncle Norm and Aunt Terri on there wedding day. Don't they not make a lovly couple??

The last one for now is of me in the park swinging. I love to swing!!

Well thats it for now. I will have my Daddy update some more when he gets a chance to but if you want to look more at my cousins and there family, then click on the picture of the kids below and it will take you to there sight. Or if you want to return to my Daddy's page then click the link below to return.

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Thank you for visiting my homepage. I hope you enjoyed it very much!!!!!!!

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