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JG Personnel Files

Without its personnel, JG Enterprises wouldn't have gotten off the ground.

Personnel are split into three divisions according to position: Command, Engineering, and Medical.

What follows is a listing of key personnel in the JG Chain of Command.

In alphabetical order by name and rank.


ADM Joshua Gulch- Chief of JG Operations

ADM Marie Jarden- Chief of Smiles and General Silliness

ADM Bryan MacAfee- Commander, BSM Electronics™

VADM Shawn Fisher- Chief of Literature

VADM Ian Malcolm- Commander, Communism Defence Force

VADM Jakab Norton- Supreme Spida' Killa'

VADM Daniel Norton- Propoganda Minister

VADM Courtney Saul- Chief of Food & Lodging

RADM (U) Andrew Black- C/O, Independant Film and Loud Music Corps

RADM (W) Michael Cullen- Chief of Cinematography and Related Trivia

RADM (W) Angela Melzak- Chief of Japanese Relations

LCDR Kresta Opperman- Chief of Craft & Design


ADM Jeffery Osthimer- Chief of Engineering


ADM Aliesha Daleska- Surgeon General

CAPT Amanda Ketcham- CMO, Department of Lobotomies and Jump Ropes

They're the ones who make JG what is it today.

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