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YOU CAN EARN UP TO THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS A MONTH with our fast selling reports. They have the kind of information wanted by millions of eager mail order buyers. Information is mail order's biggest money-maker. Nothing is more in demand. Nothing yields higher profits. Nothing is easier to sell by mail.

Each carefully researched report averages 2,000 words and is typeset to fit on two to four pages. That means you can easily reproduce it on any good copy machine in your area. You can copy the reports for pennies, sell them for $2.00 to $5.00 each, and KEEP ALL THE MONEY YOURSELF!

The reports cost you just $2.00 each including UNLIMITED REPRINT AND RESALE RIGHTS. There is no registration distribution fee... no hidden cost of any kind. They are yours to copy and sell with no strings attached.

If you purchase the complete set, you can use the same order-pulling sales piece you are now reading. Just mail it to opportunity seekers, and watch the money pour in. It's money you don't have to split with anyone. You will be able to enjoy the HUGE PROFITS publishers make without having to write a single thing yourself.

Read the descriptions of our information-packed reports. Then Click Here for order form. Print the order form, fill out and circle the numbers of the reports you want. Better yet, take advantage of our "Publisher's Special" and pay just $25.00 plus postage for all 16 reports with reprint rights. It could be the best investment you ever made.


    businesses that can be successfully run from your home. No phony MLM's, chain letters, or

2. HOW TO JUDGE THE TRUTHFULNESS OF MAIL ORDER OFFERS - Don't get taken by swindlers and rip- off artists! Nearly two dozen ways to easily spot the phonies.

3. UNDERSTANDING AND IMPROVING YOUR CREDIT RATING - Get the inside facts on the "Credit Scoring System" used by banks, loan companies, and credit bureaus to determine if you get credit. Learn how to easily improve your rating and get the credit you deserve!

4. THE WHOLE TRUTH ABOUT GRANTS, LOANS, FREE CREDIT CARDS, AND CREDIT REPAIR OFFERS - We expose the hype, lies, and bunk, and show how you can easily get "Free" credit cards and loans at your local bank!

5. HOW TO WRITE YOUR OWN PROFITABLE HOW-TO REPORTS THAT PUT CASH IN YOUR MAIL BOX EVERY DAY! Learn how you too can clean up in the information selling business by writing your own material.

6. INSIDER SECRETS TO SELLING BOOKS AND REPORTS BY MAIL - Mail Order Experts agree that this is the best way to succeed in mail order. Learn how it's done.

7. WRITING CLASSIFIED ADS THAT GRAB THE READER'S ATTENTION - How to make your ads stand out and produce maximum results with minimum cost.

8. MAKE WHATEVER YOU PRINT LOOK SHARP, GET NOTICED AND READ! - Proven methods, tips and tricks you can do that really work!

9. COMMON SENSE, COMMISSION CIRCULARS AND BIG MAILS - What you need to know to get ahead of your competition. The methods the "big boys" use to really rake in the money!

10. HOW TO SAVE BIG BUCKS ON YOUR MAILING COSTS - Common sense on dealing with the Postal Service. A must for anyone serious about mail order.

11. PRINT AND MAIL FACTS NO DEALER WILL TELL YOU! - Find out how to keep from losing your money on Print & Mail offers. What are the real figures and who can you trust.

12. EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT RENTING AND SELLING MAILING LISTS - Don't lick another stamp until you read this! Learn how to avoid being taken to the cleaners.

13. BECOMING A SUCCESSFUL DROP SHIPPER - Where the big bucks really are. Get the facts that suppliers won't tell you!

14. HOW TO GET FREE PUBLICITY FOR YOUR PRODUCTS AND SERVICES - Valuable information that will pay for itself many times over!

15. HOW TO MAKE MONEY SELLING RECIPES - Only one way really works, and it has nothing to do with MLM or Recipe Clubs.

16. RINGING IN THE BIG PROFITS WITH 900 PHONE LINES - Phony rip-off or insider's gold mine? Decide for yourself. This revealing report tells how operators rake in bushels of money.

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