Programming Tutorials

C Programming

C is a high-level programming language which was developed by Dennis Ritchie from Bell Labs in 1972. It is one of the closest things to a standard programming language because it is very compatible. UNIX, a multi-user and multitasking operating system, was written in the C language by Dennis and another man named Ken Thompson. Check out the tutorial that I wrote so you can learn the fundamentals and importance of C. Right now, the tutorial has branched into character arrays.

QBASIC Programming

QBASIC is one of the funnest languages to learn. It was first developed by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1975, but since then has become replaced with bigger and better languages. Although - once you learn QBASIC, you'll find other languages much easier to learn. The original BASIC (Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code) was created by John Kemeny and Thomas Kurtz in the 1960s. This tutorial now offers some graphic coding explanations! Also, I do want to add that QBASIC 7 has just been released and I hear it has a lot of added improvements so if you're a QBASIC fan, this is the product for you.

Visual Basic Programming

Visual Basic is a high-level visual programming language which is a version of BASIC, thus the name Visual Basic. It was developed by Microsoft and has since then been a great success. I compiled a list of quite possibly the top Visual Basic sites on the web. The links will take you to sites that have tutorials, add ons, tips, tricks, and more! Soon to come will be a tutorial written by me for Visual Basic 5, but in the mean time, you may want to check out the links.


JavaScript is a scripting language (duh) that was made by both Sun Microsystems and Netscape. It's relation to Java is very similar, but you should understand that it is no relative to OOP (Object Orientated Programming), but you can write some pretty cool online applications. It doesn't need to be compiled so you can just write it on the fly like HTML. This tutorial will take you all the way into image swaps, mousovers, mouseouts, and more!


Assembly language is a low level programming language that uses abbreviation and coding which refers to a machine instruction. The great thing about assembly language is that the programs that you write run faster and take up less space. This tutorial will not be completed for quite some time. Only the beginning section is up.

these tutorials will be finished soon