Award For Web Site Excellence

Well, you've made the site, perfected it, update it at least once every two weeks, and you're a HTML whiz on the Internet. So, how about receiving a little credit for your hard work? What will happen is after filling out the form and submitting it to me, you'll be given your results in scoring by the judges within two days or less (never more unless I'm not on the computer which I highly doubt will ever happen). So you know the info, you have the site, why not get the award?

If you would like to receive "The Computer Nrrrrd's Web Site Award" you can just fill out the form below and by clicking submit it automatically sends the information to my E-Mail address.

Your URL:
Title of your web site:
Summary about your page:

Sorry, I don't display the award here because there are some people who (sigh) steal the award's URL and make it look like they won it. Please be aware that the award I send you will have to be uploaded to your site because I can no longer give its URL out.

I Will Be Judging On The Following