Free the Hopi!
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This Land and Life shield symbol means: "Together with all nations we protect both land and life and hold the world in balance."

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Back when the Great Spirit allowed His people to come through the reed to live upon His land, He advised them to live as He did. To protect the land because it is through that you will gain love and life. People only need a planting stick and some seeds to survive while protecting the Mother Earth.

People and their quest for power and might, have raped our planet by stealing her precious resources.

Only the Traditional Hopi seek to live a life with no modern conveniences but are being usurped at every turn, not only by the Bahanna (white people), but also by the Progressive Hopi, their relatives.

The Hopi Tribal Council, which was founded and is run by the U.S. Government, seems to take great pleasure in giving away Hopi land for ventures such as the strip mining done by the Peabody Mining Company, which slurries about 6.6 to 10 tons of coal and between 2,000 and 4,500 gallons of water each minute to the Mojave power plant in Arizona.

But I digress. The Traditional Hopi seek only to live planting their crops and performing their ceremonials every year without disturbance from outside sources. They want no water lines, no electricity, no sewers, no currency, nothing that came after the Bahanna.

The Traditional Hopi, led by the Elderly Elders of Hotevilla (Hoh-tah-vil-ah), have taken their plight to the U.S. Government, the U.N. (United Nations), and to whomever would listen. However, the powers-that-be, refuse to help these people for whatever reasons. Perhaps these powers do not want a people that are totally self-sufficient among them?

I will continue this editorial at another time, but if you wish to find out more, you can read the book Hotevilla by Thomas E. Mails. or you can call (619)481-9824 or fax (619)481-9841.
The Touch the Earth Foundation (nonprofit) is also involved with the Traditional Hopi and you can contact them at:
Touch the Earth Foundation
P.O. Box 257
Solana Beach, CA 92075

Also, please write to your representatives in Congress and the Senate, asking them to look into the Joint Use Area between Hopi and Navajo reservations, and that Traditional Hopi and Navajo be included in all discussions in order to separate their voices from the Tribal Councils.

You can also write to the U.N. Commission for Human Rights in Geneva to support the complaint of the Traditional Hopi. Especially express your support for preservation of the Hopi aboriginal culture.
Mr. Jacob Moller
Center for Human Rights, Communication Unit
Palais des Nation 1211
Geneva 10

Friends of the Traditional Hopi


This site was created and is maintained by a Bahanna Friend on his own recognizance and was not asked for or ordered in any way by the Traditional Hopi. Thank you for any support you can give to these peaceful people. Please e-mail me and let me know what you have done so that in my correspondence with the Traditional Hopi, I can give you credit and let them know that they have friends more than they know.

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