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I am an Account Executive with Ameriquest Mortgage in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

What this means is that I can help people in all states refinance their mortgage for many purposes, REGARDLESS OF CREDIT HISTORY!

If you need money for an Immigration Lawyer, Home Improvements, or if you just want a clean start for when your fiancée finally comes to the states.

Immigration is hard enough work as it is, so let me take care of getting you back on track with your finances.
I can even help re-habilitate your credit so that in 2 years of solid paying history, you can obtain credit anywhere!!

We are a specialized lender for people that cannot obtain financing through a bank for a variety of reasons. Self-employment, you've been told your "debt ratio" is too high (which means that you pay too much per month versus how much you gross every month) or you have had a bankruptcy or are even in the middle of foreclosure.

Our rates are very competitive, and NO, we are not a broker. I will specialize a program just for you, and because I too am going through the Immigration process, you can be sure that I understand your situation and will work with you to ensure you are given the best deal possible!
None of this over the internet, cold, unfeeling business deal. Live person to person interaction.

I will give you a free evaluation to see how I can help you.

Simply, give me a call at 1-888-473-4938 and ask for Josephine, or send me an email

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