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Q. Can anyone tell me what the "Poverty Level" is in the U.S? I believe your intended has to be making more than 125% over this level,is that right ? Also, does that figure change if there is a child involved?

A. I just ordered a new form I-864 (affidavit of support form that takes effect 12/19/97) off the u.s. immigration website (took about a week, by the way), if you want to order one there you can, but you have to write it in, they have a place for's not listed yet. Anyway, attached to this form they sent me are the income requirements:
household size--100% of poverty line--125% of poverty line
2 ------ $10,610 ------ $13,262
3 ------ $13,330 ------ $16,662
4 ------ $16,050 ------ $20,062
5 ------ $18,770 ------ $23,462
6 ------ $21,490 ------ $26,862

Note: alaska and hawaii have slightly higher requirements...I suggest you order a form if you want to know this information it is FREE...the URL to order the forms is: /forms/index.html

Just to let you all know, that if you submitted your I-129F to Vermont INS, they are currently working on petitions received in January. This info is straight from the horses mouth

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