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Now, for mushy stuff and how we met.....

As it meeting on "the net" wasn't comical enough, the program
that me and my loved one were both using
was Microsoft Comic Chat.
We just happened to be in the same chat room, at the
same time, chatting to no one in particular.
One thing led to another, and before I realized
it, we were "whispering" back and forth.

After a few days of meeting in this same

chat room, Ramon introduced me to a program called "ICQ".
(One of my favorite programs now) :) As we were both
available to talk during the day
we took advantage of it and talked for hours upon hours
every day. I couldn't wait till he came on line.
We talked about anything and
everything. We bore our soles to each other and created
a bond without even realizing it.
He made me see myself in a whole new light,made
me feel alive, and that I deserved more out of life
then I was getting.
We soon exchanged pictures through the
mail, and this was when we decided that we HAD to talk
to each other, had to see if this other
person was "real".

I'll never forget the day we first spoke.
It was like a charge of electricity
was running through my body. Even after the
phone call ended, I felt all charged up.
He also confessed the same feelings.
This is when we "knew" we HAD to meet.
Ever since then, we've been visiting each
other every weekend!!

On December 20, 1997 (our official date), I heard those "magic words"
that made me the happiest woman alive.
I feel honoured to wear his engagement ring
as he treats me as well as the gold on my finger.