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Interview date May 11th, 1998

First off, I would like to mention a few things about once you get into Montreal. There is a hotel less than a 10 minute walk away from the consulate on Rene Levesque Blvd. It is the travel lodge, and is very reasonable priced,the phone number for it is 1-514-874-9090.

Second thing, in the building the consulate is in is deceiving as the entrance is on a side road, being St. Alexander Street. The building is a large black marble building with white ans peach colored flecks in it. On the main street Rene Levesque (where the travel lodge is) there is a little cafe inside if you are a bit early, if you can stomach anything to eat!! ( I know I coulden't ). This place is called A-L Van Houtte and is very nice and relaxing inside, and has great coffee too !! : ) The Building number on Rene Levesque is 455.

Ok, now to what happened inside......When i got there, basic security check, nothing unusual for a federal building. Then they told me to go downstairs and pay my $45.00 for my visa. So off I went downstairs, not more than 5 minutes, one of the security guards came down looking for me to make sure I was in the right line up, as he forget to tell me which line to go in, which was very nice! There was a form I was supposed to fill in (Optionoal 156) and the security guard was there was I was tild about this form and it so happened that the cashier diden't have any canadian ones left so the security guard actually ran up stairs for me and got me one....also got me a pen too : )
So I filled it out and the cashier told me to cut in line when I was done, so this I did, and THEN he told me it was $45.00US for each my daughter and myself! I thought because she was on my passport I only needed $45.00 as this is all they told me to bring.
So, he told me to run to the bank and come back. Well, I hate to say this but, when my mom and I got there Sunday, we went to the therefore, ummm alot of money was could we rummaged together to convert into $44.00 USD but I had $1.00 in american change, so I thought that was back I went to the consulate. When I got downstairs to pay the other $45.00, he took it and then said, your not going to like hearng this BUT, I can't take change OHNOOOOOO...So, I yelled out "ANYONE HERE HAVE A US DOLLAR FOR ONE DOLLAR IN US CHANGE!!!" Luckily, someone came to my rescue and exchanged my change for his bill.
My mom stayed at the hotel as we thought she would not be allowed in the consulate, which is normally true. But after I got back to the cashier, she came rambling down the stairs waiving a VISA card, lol...she thought I may have not had enough money, so security let her in and told her to come right back up. SO she went back up but because she had just had surgery about 2 weeks prior to our little escapade, she sat down on the steps at the consulate(outside) and when security saw her, they rushed out and ensured she was ok. She wasen't feeling that great so they let her come upstairs and wait with me, which I thought was VERY cool of them...
So, once upstairs I was called to a window and had to give the person all my documents, after reviewing them she said to wait to be called, so I did. When they called me in for my interview, it was a tiny little room with a rather pleasant man behind the bullet proof glass. He looked over my file and asked where my fiance worked, so I told him, he asked what I did, and I told him. That was pretty much the extent of the questioning until the end. he said, ok, everything seems to be in order, I just need to see one thing. Custody papers for your child. I told him all I had been issued was a support declaration and my lawyer advised this is all that would be issued, due to receiving support shows I have custody. I had also brought a letter from her father stating that he was aware of the situation and was ok with it. THIS WAS NOT ENOUGH!!!

He then told me, everything is in order, but he needs to see the custody document. So he could not issue my visa until this is received. However, he gave me a form stating that I needed this document, and once received my visa would be approved. I send the document in with my passport and a self addressed stamped envelope and he will process my visa that day and send it back to me the same day.

I was not impressed

So back to the hotel we went, and I got on the phone immediately to the court house and inquired about this form, and they said, yes, they're is an order in your file for this document to be completed, I guess it was filed away by accident before it was done...GREAAAAT.....she said she would get right on it, today and send it out today....thank I should see that in a couple of days and then it will be overnited with my passport to the consulate.
This really isin't a big deal, just delays the visa and moving status for me a few weeks behind. Better than not being approved for different reasons.

Well, I had received my custody document on Friday May 15th, and sent it out overnite to the consulate with a return overnite envelope, paid for. Three days later, I find out the got the court document but the letter I had received from Ashlies dad was not good enough, I had to have something that was notarised.......this brings me to Thursday. I rush around and get a letter done up, have her dad meet me at the notary and get 3 hours sleep. 2am Friday morning, I'm driving to Montreal to get my visa. We had already booked the truck and arranged helpers for moving, so we had to work fast.
Friday morn, I arrive at consulate, surrender the letter, and am told to wait till 2:30pm to pick up my VISA. FINALLLLLLLLY.
Arrived home in Toronto Friday night 9pm, and moved the next day : )