First off, I would like to say Hi and welcome to my page! As you can see, I am a Canadian Citizen and have fallen in love with an American Citizen *sigh*. What you will find below is the all red tape and such we have to go through to legally marry in the U.S.A for us to be together.

We were married July 11, 1998 at 4:00pm

Actually, it was 4:20pm, lol


Our Dates

December 9th, I-129F petition was filed
March 2nd, through Vermont INS automated system, learned I-129F was approved
March 6th, Ramon received hard copy approval notice from Vermont
March 11th, received package of documents from US Consulate in Montreal. They were dated March 4th.
March 12th, sent the checklist and optional form 230 back to the Consulate (don't know why they call it "optional" you HAVE to send it back :)

This page is not really fully of dates as all the service centers are different and always run into delays with one thing or another . It is really to describe the problems that can occur when you file a I-129F petition, and how to avoid these problems in the first place. A common question I see asked all the time is "Can you go into the states while your I-129F is pending?" Well, from MY personal experience, YES you can.
You can read about this, our "problem" and why the delay in filing the petition and approval of I-129F at our story

I have another way to help, come here

I have had alot of encounters with the INS before the petition was submitted and while it was in progress, and the whole ordeal has been very painful. It's awful to be seperated from the one(s) you love, and I know this from experience and thats how I got so involved with helping others with similar petitions.
If you have any particular questions regarding immigration from Canada to the US because I haven't come across too many of us, you can contact me, or post questions to my board (see below) Or, if you have ICQ, you can see if I'm on on-line by viewing my network status panel

Or, you can find me here, under alanis
[PlaySite Now!]

This is a GREAT site. Explains some of the forms and you can even fill them out on line!!

If you have gone through the newsgroups and posted questions, or just went to browse, you may have seen that many of us are trying to obtain a dedicated newsgroup based soley on I-129F Petitions and K-1 Visa's as it's difficult and time consuming to route through all the postings to find any help. Well, this "group" is now available, the group is I have also created a bulletin board to assist others on obtaining info or just to find others in the same situation from the same country.

Or come to my NEW AND IMPROVED board...

Due to the limit of messages available to be viewed on this board, I have created a page and listed all messages posted, so if you are looking for something in particular, come to board postings

I have to share this poem with everyone, a friend passed it along to me, and it touched me very deeply. To read it, come here

This is an awesome site, it has books about all different subjects on Immigration!! Have your fiance learn tips and how to pass the citizenship exam!!

You have GOT to check out this book......


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