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-------------- This is our new section where we hope to have video available of us playing the worlds greatest game POO$'s ---------------------------.

Poo Dollars is a great game to relax and drink a few beers to sometime in the afternoon. The first thing that you need for a successful game of Poo Dollars is an area that has a lot of people walking, biking, rollerblading, or really just anyhwere ther are plenty of people. Then you need a washroom somewhere close to prepare your dollar for placement. We use a apartment that overlooks a jogging trail at our school, and whoever has to shit at the time goes into the bathroom and does his business on the bill. Then we run it out to the trail and place it shit side down on the ground(make sure to step on it so it sticks). Then we all get in the windows that over look the trail and wait for some dumbass to pick it up. It is non stop good times, but you will get a few sick fucks who pick up the Poo$ and take off with it. When they try to take it thats when you start screaming at them to embarass the shit out of them. when someones yelling, You got shit on your hands, or, You just got Poo Dollared, you really don't want to steal the shitty dollar. Try it sometime and soon you can watch us in action.