Hey! Do you have a TI-83? If you do you may be interested in downloading this pack of 40 (thats right 40!) games for the TI-83. I have hand chosen these games and put them in a .zip file all for your convienience! Click the link below to get the filez.
Click Here to get the extensive collection of TI games!


*If you would like to use these game, I recommend that you use a Graph Link. It takes forever to program these manually and its a pain in the ass. You can get the software for the Graph Link right here.

(click Here)

*Also, if the game will not work, don't e-mail me! I don't wanna hear your complaints.

*And, there is documentation on almost all of the games in this pack, so if u can't figure it out, it is Zipped with the game. If you get "Error:Syntax" try running the program under a shell
SOS (a shell) is included in the pack.

*Please notice. I did not make these games and if you want to modify them, I suggest you read the documentation before doing so. Be kind and give the authors credit also!!!!!

*Also, these games are for TI-83 only. They will NOT work on the 83+. Sorry loosers. Yea, I know there aren't many games on em yet but that's ur problem. Make your own or wait a couple years!

Sound on the Ti-83???? Impossible!!!! Not anymore!!! Click here!

TI-83 Game Reviews

Diablo: An RPG where ya go around and kill monsters/level up/buy new items/use magic/and waste a lotta time. Few gliches, and save option is nice! Downfall: takes up all memory.

Subhunt: A nice port of a game on the "Palm" devices of the same name. Easy to use. High score features. Needs Ashell

Tetris:kinda cool, there are better ones though...

Pacman:never played it, looks cool. Needs SOS.

Mario: WONDERFUL! Great game, challenging, no save options. :( Needs Ashell
Final Fantasy 4Another RPG. Like Diablo, but more refined. Try it! Needs Ashell
Galaxian: Vertical shooting game. Looks neat. I'll have a picture when I get more space on my site. Needs SOS

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