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The Wonderful Depository: Jim Comer's Homepage

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A parson in colonial Australia wrote that the land "down under" would become God's tinderbox on Judgment Day; he called it "this wonderful depository of fire".
This is my wonderful depository of ideas. As to the whereabouts of Judgment Day, I couldn't tell you. The new page has been up for a while now, and I appreciate the notes from visitors. The tutelary observator for this webpage is Sir Thomas Browne, whose picture is above.

He was a doctor, scholar and writer in the seventeenth century in England, and wrote in a gorgeous, flowing style. A group of forty Saxon burial urns was discovered in Norfolk in the time of Browne. In his essay Urn Burial, he rose from writing about the historical and archaeological significance of these urns into a meditation on death, time, fame, and eternity. This essay, and other writings, are on his website.

Here are four of Browne's urns.

I am writing a dissertation (with the help of a scholarship from the State of Ohio) at Bowling Green State University in Ohio. My focus is on foodways in Ohio history. To date, I have published:

My other interests include gardening, historical reenactment, and taking tea.

Thanks to all the kind folks who have complimented me on this page. There may be more as time allows. If you like this page, send me some email.

Here I am with Mark at the Straits of Michilimackinac.

Here I am at Whitefish Point in November 1998; the ship behind me is in the channel to Whitefish Bay. The land, lake and sky are breathtakingly beautiful there.

Here I am in a dangerous situation. But I'm fine now.

I reenact the Anglo-Saxon and Viking era, and for about a year and a half a group of us here organized a reenactment camp devoted to the period. Here we are at Hastings 1997

Here I am at the Vietnam Memorial

Here is the great Millard Filmore, about whom nothing more need be said.