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Middle of Nowhere

Mmmbop clip

Thinking of You clip

Weird clip

Speechless clip

Where's the Love clip

Yearbook clip

Look at You clip

Lucy clip

I Will Come to You clip

Minute Without You clip

Madeline clip

With You in Your Dreams clip

Mmmbop (the album)

Baby Your So Fine

With You in Your Dreams (the early version)

Something New

Day Has Come

Thinking of You (the early version)

Mmmbop (the early version)

Two Tears


Back to the Island

More Than Anything



Don't Accuse

Clips from Oprah

A clip of Mmmbop

A clip of Hanson and Oprah talking

Then talking about Tay's voice changing

Them talking about Mmmbop

Hanson performing Weird

a LOT more coming soon!!