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Hey everybody! Simma down na, it is time to see the coolest web site eva!!

I know what your thinking... your sitting there right now looking at my webpage thinking, "Amy, how the heck did you design such a cool webpage??" And, well, my answer to that would be, ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?? YOU THINK THIS IS "THE COOLEST"?? HAVEN'T SEEN MANY WEBPAGES THEN HAVE YOU.... IDIOTS!

Actually you probably think I am a little off my rocker now! Well let me tell you a little bit about me! (the crazy one!!)

I am 24 years young. I say young because I am a little immature sometimes. But, that is what makes me fun and very likeable and loveable. I am extremely silly and hardly ever serious. I live in Cincinnati, OH. I have a mom, and a younger brother and sister. My brother is 20 years old and goes to The Ohio State University. My sister is 17 years old and will be heading off to Bowling Green State University in the fall. My father, god rest his sole, passed away when I was 14.

I am currently single and looking. I have been looking since I can remember! I have never really had a "boyfriend", just dated people here and there. But I don't mind telling you that I am sick of looking. I am very ready to settle down (not to be confused with simma down) and I am ready to start a family. I am also trying to work on myself too... I have been trying to loose weight, but have not been successful so far. I am buckling down now though, and hope to shed a few pounds by the time fall comes around.

I am also currently looking for a new job that gives me some excitement in my life, which I need a lot more of it seems... I want to be able to move soon, but I need plently-o-mula to do that. So... I need a new job that pays really good too!! I need to finish my college education also. I went one year to The Ohio State University, and have spent two years off and on attending The University of Cincinnati. I would like to finish soon and get my elementary education degree. Again, money plays a big part here... any sugar daddies out there?! J/K!!

I have a dog and her name is Snuggles. She doesn't care for me too much, but for some reason I still love her. (crazy part of me again!) I also have a kitty named Mittens. She is my sweetheart. I love her very VERY much and it seems like she loves me too. Although, she seems to love anyone and everyone, which I guess is a GOOD thing!

Well, I won't bore you anymore, but if you still want to find out some more about me or anything at all, check out some of my links below, which have other links attached to those. Or you can also email me to the email address listed at the bottom of this page.

"Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate your concern for my well being. Have a nice day." -quote from a movie

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