Visions prophecise that the wisdom granted to humanity serves us only in suffering - the truth untouchable in our span of wasted wonderment, spiraling to the one inevitable destination ... the beginning ...

A life spent in thought - a life spent in a hollowness of forgotten time and wasted drudgery. Ignorance is the gift witheld, we are faced with such agony as we are forced to see.

Our minds are afflicted with the torment of hope. We are slaves bound in chains moulded from instinct cultivated in the proproganda that urges us blindly in search of the sanctuary of achievement. We are hosts to a plague that has infested its cancerous roots into our sole ruler - thought.

The intellect so prided by our race is the curse that steals our freedom and leaves us full of questions unanswerable. We desire a knowledge unattainable and are forced to suffer 'life' a peroid of waste, despite the inability to travel beyond the barriers enclosing the truth - we search out our years in such pathetic vain (we search our arms for a pathetic vein).

Emotion is the master enslaving our silly little group, we lack ability for its comprehesion. We are sickened by our failed attempts for a greater knowledge, saddenned by the never approaching chance to divulge our moronic wisdom in the drone of the self love our own intelligence.