Why The Government is Evil - A Smoking Expose.

The Government is pure evil and they piss me off - especially since they should be much nicer to me because I give them, and will in future be giving them, thousands of dollars. Why? Because Iím a fuckiní addict and I need it as bad as it may be.

Iím talking about cigaretteís here. They cost way too much. One thing in my life that makes me happy is chain-smoking but because of the governmentís evil money-grabbing ways that have taxed the all-fuck out of cigaretteís I canít afford to. Now I must turn to illicit drugs to find gratification. Motherfuckers!!! Another fact that pisses me off immensely is the fact that for years, until a couple of months after I turned seventeen, the legal age for buying cigarettes was sixteen and now it is eighteen. So for a year Iím doing my lawful thing buying cigarettes - then all of a fuckiní sudden it becomes illegal and I have to depend on non-id-asking-niceness which, thankfully, is quite common. Most people are sympathetic to addicts because despite the heavy (Government revenue-raiser) fine they face by selling to us little kids. The fine is just another way for the government to profit from us.

The Governments argument is that cigarettes are bad and we should protect our innocent little children from them. But guess what? Not just children can die from them. If they were serious about helping people why donít they ban them? Why? Well ... it would cost them too much money and effort in that long hard fuckiní process (I for one would DEFINATELY put up a fight) ... since they arenít making so much money from us addicts ... they wouldnít be able to afford it.

Iím sure the Government is very concerned about our health.