Itís the cry of love that will not end,
the helping hand
that shows the friend.
It helps to see the dark times through,
defeats the pain
inside me and you.
It sighs the love that we shall care,
brings the sad times
for us to share.
Itís always there for when we need,
and brings out the light
to help us lead.
It brings the good and brings the bad,
it makes us happy
or makes us sad.
But itís something we will always use,
to use fairly
and to not abuse.
Itís a small gift inside our heart,
making an end
but then making a start.
It separates our hate from love,
shedding its wings
like a heavenly dove.
Itís the kind of love that doesnít end,
the guiding light
that shows the friend.

---Holly Anne Lester, 1995

~*~..As her spirits fly free ___ in our hearts her youth and beauty will forever be..~*~