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(Formerly Willis Middle School)

Mission:  To boldly go where no bear has gone before...

The GeoBear Project is an undertaking of seventh grade geography students at John C. Dempsey Middle School in Delaware, Ohio in the U.S.A.

Students send stuffed animals on journeys throughout the world by asking people leaving Delaware to take GeoBears on their business and vacation trips.  GeoBears are passed from traveler to traveler. Traveling companions send e-mail, letters, postcards, fax and other correspondence to students back at John C. Dempsey Middle School.

Students follow their GeoBears travels with interest and sometimes amazing results.

Project Description
GeoBear Headlines
More Headlines
The GeoBear Scholarship
Student Comment
John C. Dempsey Middle School
Delaware, Ohio, U.S.A.
Our Former Congressman
Graphic Summary
GeoBear Project Unit of Practice

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