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The Quilt Gallery

Detail of a quilt made for Clare Elizabeth, machine pieced and hand quilted, 2001

Detail of the first block of a king size quilt I started in June of 2001

This is a picture of the quilt pattern on which I am currently working

Detail of a quilt made for Virginia Elaine, machine pieced and quilted, 2001

My first 2 quilts, Grandmother's Flower Garden design, summer 1992 and 93. They were pieced and quilted by hand.

"Meghan's Star" quilt, a pattern I adapted from the "Tumbling Blocks" pattern below. Hand pieced and hand quilted, Winter 1998-99

"Tumbling Blocks" quilt, made October, 1998, for Thomas. It was hand pieced and quilted.

Bib of Scraps, machine pieced and quilted; Katie's quilt, machine pieced, hand quilted, 1996; Wall hanging, machine pieced, hand and machine quilted, 1998


This is a quilt I made for the Ronald McDonald House at Loma Linda Hospital. A quilting society makes and donates quilts that are offered to sick children whose families stay at the house. (Does that baby look like she could have had a heart transplant one month before this picture was taken?)


A gift quilt for Nathan, a family friend, machine pieced and quilted, 1999

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