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Anne Rice

Anne Rice is one of my favorite authors, so i think she deserves some recognition....i know there isn't alot here now, but i'll be adding on to it shortly, so please stop back soon.....

well, Anne Rice is one of my favorite authors. She writes things and makes them seem so real. Most of her stories take place in or around New Orleans or are somehow associated with New Orleans. She mostly writes in series. Most people are probably familiar with her "Vampire Chronicles" which includes "Interview with a Vampire", a major motion picture starring Brad Pitt was based off of it. She also wrote "The Lives of the Mayfair Witches" which are my favorites. Those are about a family of witches who, throughout the years, are watched by a secret society, called the Talamasca, who know every little secret and try to protect the family. And, well, they are just really good books. I don't want to ruin them in case anybody who hasn't read them doesn't want to know.

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