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welcome to my poetry page!!....i know there aren't many up now, but i'll add more later....i've got a writer's block...i'm also working on a novel write now....sooooo, my writing energies are pretty consumed....i'm really trying, tho!!!...i'll have some more up soon!!...please stop by and see them!!!...:0)

These poems are all Copyright (C) Michelle Lackey 1996-2000 All Rights Reserved. Unpublished works. Please don't reproduce them in any way without my consent. Thank You!!!


Why does it have to happen this way?
As the cold wind blows,
I realize Iím all alone.
The unimportance of it all.
Things are always the same.
They donít change here.
The leaves fly through the sky.
The grass turns green.
They grow it- and smoke it.
But even that doesn't help.
It helps no one.
I think back to the rose-colored days of my youth.
Remembering the way things USED to be.
It may take the pains of life away for awhile,
But they always return.
I try to run away,
But Iím always brought back.
I sit and stare at the walls, thinking,
But it doesnít help.
I try to escape,
But I canít.
Iím caught in this tangled mess called life.

Night Falls

Once again night falls on the land,
Plunging my world into darkness.
My life is an eternal ring of suffering and pain.
Just as the sun begins to dawn on me,
It is eclipsed and I am in darkness yet again.
Life is an unending struggle of trying to get on top,
But I am always knocked back down.
I reach for the stars, and just as they seem to be in my grasp,
They fall, plummeting into the oblivion,
Lost in the dark void of space.
Someday the sun will shine on me,
But it seems like that day will be Armageddon.
I grow weary from my journey.
My soul grows weak.
The moon is clouded over and the stars flicker out,
One by one.
My life is lost in a black hole which swallows me up.
And I am no more.


The Darkness engulfs me, and I feel safe.
It is the only time when I can shed my tears,
And be alone.
Wallowing in self-pity, wrapping myself in Darkness,
Like a small child wraps herself in a warm blanket,
On a cold winter night.
It seems as though the blackness of the world is my only friend.
Always finding me, wrapping me in itself.
Comforting me.
Totally solitary in a mask of Darkness.
Able to sit back and fall into the abyss, unnoticed.
Slipping away from the outside world.
Falling into the murky depths of another place.
Escaping the labored breaths of life.


I have found it once again,
Hidden in the murky depths of my soul.
The flowers are blooming, the sun shining bright,
And I am happy again.
The bittersweetness of this bliss is my downfall.
Itís ups and downs are so familiar to me.
From the Celestial crests of the highs,
To the dismal, murky depths of the lows,
I have been throught it all.
As i kick and scratch and fight my way to the top,
I draw a bit closer to those envied people.
The ones with hearts in their eyes.

Love II

The sun warms the world as flowers begin to appear from the womb of Mother Earth.
The brightness of the new life in the air glows like the sun on a bright summer day.
Life begins again. Fresh. New.
Like a newborn baby coming into the world.
No trouble, no worries. Eternal happiness.
The budding trees, the flowering grasses, the dirt, warm under a child's bare feet.
It makes life thrive.
Happiness spreads like pollen carried from flower to flower.
It fertilizes us all just like the glow of an expectant mother.
It sheds a child's naive trust and unending love on every being,
Intoxicating us with a sweet Ambrosia of good will.

Playing the Game of Love

Love is a cruel game to play.
Just as you think you are dealt the winning hand,
You turn over the joker that laughs in your face.
Your heart tossed away, like a pair of dice.
Every time you play, you put your emotions on a roulette wheel.
They get bounced around until you find the outcome, always in shades of red and black.
Anger and Pain.
You trade your cards in, try another deck.
But the same always happens.
You are still dealt the losing hand.