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The Eighties

The Eighties had alot of conformity, much like the Fifties, although there were many people that went for an odd heavily-make-upped look with multi-colored hair-dos. The Iran-Contra Affair happened. The Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington DC was dedicated to all of the veterans of the Vietnam War.

The preppy look with valley girl accents was very popular during this time, complete with sweaters thrown over the shoulders. All of the cool rocker guys had boom-boxes. Everyone was playing with their Rubikís cubes (which I cannot beat unless I take the stickers off!!) New Coke made a nasty new entrance and was soon replaced by the original recipe. Video Games such as the Atari 2000 along with Pac Man gave the kids something new to do to waste their time.

In Sports hockey began gaining popularity with one of the best known players of all times, Wayne Gretsky. Don Mattingly and Pete Rose were big names in the area of baseball. The immortal Michael Jordan, idol to many aspiring basketball players today began his awesome career, as well as football great, Dan Marino.

The wreckage of the Titanic which is now a major motion picture, was found by special submarine vessels. Tragedy struck, however, in 1986 when the spaceshuttle Challenger crashed killing all of the members on board.

Music was moving along quite nicely and we got many great songs from that era. This was also a great time for technology in music. The compact disc was developed which revolutionized the way we listen to music. MTV premiered which lead to the mass-production of music videos and new filming techniques. Michael Jackson, who debuted as a young boy with his brothers in the Jackson 5, made and is still making millions with his songs. One of his most famous is "Thriller" which was also made into a movie-like music video. Girl pop artists such as the "fun girl" Cyndi Lauper and bad girl Madonna debuted. Pop diva Whitney Houston made big-haired success with her early songs. Culture Club, led by Boy George, were also a leading group in the girl pop genre(well, maybe just pop in general. Boy George has a "chameleon" way of changing between male and female.) Graceland was opened to memorialize the life of Elvis Presley, King of Rock (whose daughter Lisa Marie later married the King of Pop, aforementioned Michael Jackson), while the idolized John Lennon was shot and killed by a deranged "fan."

Tom Cruise, known for his good looks, was in a few movies during the Eighties such as Top Gun and Rain Man. E.T. was a sad saga about an alien life-from that ended on Earth. It also showed the movie premier of Drew Barrymore. Actors and actresses such as Kevin Costner(who later starred in a movie with Whitney Houston), Jodie Foster, Glenn Close, Arnold "Iíll be back!" Schwarzenagger, and Tom Hanks, who will probably always be remembered for his role in the Nineties movie, Forrest Gump, made their debuts.

The television shows of the time centered around family. "Family Ties" made Michael J. Fox, Justine Bateman, and Meredith Baxter-Birney very popular while "The Cosby Show" gave us a hilarious look at the antics of Bill Cosby. " M*A*S*H" made itís tear-jerking grand-finale while Tom Hanks starring as a cross-dresser in "Bosom Buddies" made us laugh. One of the biggest questions of the decade was "Who shot JR?" from the down-south drama, "Dallas". Talk shows, such as "The Oprah Winfrey Show" became VERY popular which has led to such trashy-but-funny shows like that of" Jerry Springer."

The most important part of the Eighties, in my opinion, was the cartoons. There were some of the greatest cartoons of all times on such as "Thundercats,"" The Smurfs", "The Chipmunks", "Wheeled Warriors", "He-Man", "She-Ra"," Lady Lovely Locks", "Transformers", and" The Snorkels."

All in all the Eighties is a time we would all like to forget. From the big hair to the bright make-up, it is a time our children and grandchildren will make fun of us for, for years to come.

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