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This page is for the Tuslaw pop culture class, or anybody who wantsta learn more 'bout America's popular culture, like music an movies an, here ya go!!...and y'all better appreciate this!! :0)

and don't forget, this page is under MAJOR construction...i'll update it alot, too, so stop back often!!!

i hope you enjoy the pages, but please give me credit where credit is due because i put alot of time and effort into this....

i've also got some ads, but if you want them and ABSOLUTELY CANNOT find anything else, then i will send them to you thru email...if you don't have mail, then tell me and i'll get it to ya somehow....but PLEASE let me know before the night before your portfolio is due....i will find this out from Miss Jeffers and I WILL NOT give out any info. on the day, don't blame me if you send me an email at midnight for an ad and don't get it!!!

The Twenties

The Thirties

The Forties

The Fifties

The Sixties

The Seventies

The Eighties


this is one of all the Oscar's ever won...