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Your pal would be lina, even though you are both
strong minded and have your own unique

What charecter from the anime slayers would be your freind
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wow your Lina just like me! hehehehe. short
tempered, slightly weird, and kick ass! you
like to abuse the guys cause its just so much
fun. although i think Gourry lost to many brain
cells so maybe you shouldn't hit him in the
face too much. also you like to eat... a lot.
no one would dare to try take food from you
when you're hungry.

Slayers Quiz ... * gets pissed off* (DRAGON SLAVE!)
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I'm a hardcore Slayers fan! What kind of Slayers fan are YOU?
The Hardcore Fan: You've seen (and most likely own)
all the episodes, movies, and OVAs; you'll go
to any length to get any Slayers merchandise,
no matter how rare or hard to find. Chances are
you've read all the novels through at least
once, even if you don't understand Japanese.

What Kind of Slayers Fan Are You?
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Lina Inverse: Lina Inverse is one of the most powerful
Scorceresses in the world. With one simple
spell she can destroy a city, with her
favorite, the Dragonslave. Many times she has
cast spells that if are done wrong or go out of
control can destroy the world. She is smart,
yet very agressive. Lina doesn't let anyone get
in her way. Treasure is something she loves and
money too she cannot let go of! At times Lina
can show her kind, girl-like, and understanding
side. Food is one of her favorite things. She
and Gourry fight over it all the time. Empty
stomach all the time! This brilliant girl is
always rearin to go, but normally can't control
her anger. Get her mad and're
blown up!

Which Slayers Character are you?
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Slayers Universe

this is the Slayers section of it's not much right now but just wait till I get more info on here. by the way, try the slayers quizzes above. As you can see, I'm all Lina (seriously, I am).

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