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Tissy Tat
Sitting Gracefully
Tissy Tat

Meet our sweetheart Tissy Tat. She was a skinny little stray that found her way to our yard. She was getting sickly from being on her own, so we brought her in "just until we can find her a home!" Yeah Right! She wrapped her little paws around my neck and wouldn't let go! She's been with us for 9 years now.

Tissy is a very sweet, loving, gentle cat. We call her our "perfect cat". She never does anything wrong. She doesn't walk on tables (not when we can see anyhow!). She comes when called (most of the time). She doesn't have an aggresive bone in her. She's all love.

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Because she is so darn good, she gets treated like a princess. We're able to trust that she'll stay in our fenced yard, but Tissy has a tendancy to develope bladder problems and it's in her best interest to stay indoors from now on.

These pictures don't do her justice. She had an attitude about the camera being pointed at her. (rude, ya know) She's a very small built cat, very sleek, kitten like.

Sweet Tissy Tat
As pretty as the flowers

Tissy is our little darling...

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A little bit about "us"

"Thousands of years ago, cats were worshipped as gods. Cats have never forgotten this."


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