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On the edge of darkness we stand alone
Loneliness envelopes us in what has become our home
Neither spirit nor Mortal, alone are we.
No comfort, no love, no death will ever be.

Empty our body of our mortal souls
Our blood is warm our lives are cold
We live in many forms here and there
In cavern, in a Den , in a Dark Lair

Who owns my soul,who has taken my light
This is what I seek thoughtout the lonely nights
He is old and ancient I have been told
Payment to him was my mortal soul

In this Den of Darkness I must stay
Never again to feel the light of day
Warmth and love I seek to feel again
But forever will I dwell in the Forgotten Soul's Den

A Warrior in the darkness comes onto me
Hearing of my sorrow he comes to see
Who is this one, that is empty and cold
The one for payment, now has not a soul

Heard did he, my terrible plight
To battle he went for this one last fight
Return he did, and to me gave a gift
Of my soul, my freedome, my life to relive

Into me now rushes the warmth of life
The dark to day and the night to Light
No longer Forgotten, no longer cold
With him I stay, the Warrior of my Soul


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