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Cocaman and Cocababe's Vintage Coca-Cola Advertising Antiques
Cocaman and Cocababe's Vintage Coca-Cola Advertising Antiques


Famous 1970's Coca-Cola advertising photo and commercial featuring Pittsburgh Steelers "Mean" Joe Greene

The Coca-Cola Foto Gallery

Come download and view some current images from around the world that feature the Coca-Cola logo. From Massillon, Ohio to London England, the script is internationally famous. Please e-mail us you unusal photo, we credit you, and post it!

Coca-Cola Slogans Through The Years

People always want to know the age of a particular piece they locate in grandpa's attic or a local antique shop. Generally speaking, if it's labeled "DRINK Coca-Cola", you can be assured it's pre-1965. Coca-Cola advertising labeled "ENJOY Coca-Cola", is an item produced after that period. To get a better, more accurate estimation of the date, match your item with slogans the company used through the years.

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