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Welcome to Troop 123
Heart of Ohio Council

Bob Sliney, Scoutmaster

We are a troop sponsored by Newhope of Richland County, comprised mostly of handicapped individuals. Because of their handicaps, these scouts do not have the same age restrictions as other scouts. This is why our scouts range in age from 11 to 57. The Boy Scouts of America did away with handicap requirements for rank advancement years ago. Their policy is to use the same requirements for all scouts and have each scout do them to the best of his ability. Our scouts have the same Boy Scout experience as other scouts - camping, hiking, comraderie of other scouts. If you have any questions, or know of someone who might like to become a scout, let us know.

Bob Sliney - 419-526-5154, e-mail -
Becky Bottorf - 419-529-9708
Webmaster - Larry J. Wilson, e-mail -

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Scout camp - 1998

Scout camp - 1999

Scout camp - 2000

Scout camp - 2007 - at Camp Falling Rock, Simon Kenton Council

Scout camp - 2010 - at Camp Falling Rock, Simon Kenton Council

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Disabilities Awareness Merit Badge Requirements

Other Merit Badge Requirements

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