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Stuff up for trade

the stuff listed below is for trading if you need anything listed here please e-mail an offer for trading i do not offer but i do accept bootleg concerts

I am sorry to say at this time I can not trade any video items, I hope to be able to in the near future.

video items

AL music 1, 2, 3
ALtv 2, 3, 4, 7
New Years make over 1997
America's top ten with Casey Kasem
American Bandstand
Eat It video (Japanes)
YTV acheivement awards
VH1 House of Style
comic relief (cut the grief)
Lets Make a Music Deal '85
ALtv commercial '85
Late Show '85
Summer Action '86
Motown Review '86
Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous
PM magazine '86
Kids World '86
Mtv Movie Awards '89
Good Morning America '85
Tonight Show '85
Pat Sajak Show '89
Good News '89
Arsenio Hall '89
American Music Awards
Today Show
circus of the stars
AL at Gameworks (the whole show)
DR. Demento 20th
Living and Working in Space 5-22-97
A&E's an Evening at The Improv
Regis and Kathy Lee-BHD
Good Morning America '96
VH1 to 1
Entertainment Tonight-Jurasic Park video-UHF
Entertainment Tonight- AL turns 36
Hollywood Online 11-20-96
Friends Fundraiser
Showbiz CNN '96
AL hosts the Flintstones
There's No Going Home
ALcon Road Reports
Wheel of Fortune (2 shows)
Hollywood Squares (5 shows)
Pictionary (5 shows)
Space Ghost coast to coast
Tarzan Dan (Headline News)
Musique Plus
Tom Sneyder
oddville on Mtv
Mardi Party
amazing stories
New Years Rock n' Eve
Politically Incorrect
Howard Stern + bumper

audio items
"*" represents it is in a medley
"**"represents it is in a medley recorded Live on 5/17/84

Baby Likes Burp'in
Belvedere Cruis'in
Beverly Hillbillies/Miss You _live at cal poly_ (not available for trade)
Burger King*
Cherio Applejacks Cherio
Chicken Pot Pie*
Crampton Comes Alive
Dead Car Battery Blues (not available for trade)
Docter Docter
Don't forget About the Meat
Fast Food
Feel Like Throw'in Up*
Flatbush Avenue**
Free Delivery
Gee I'm A Nerd
Green Eggs And Ham
Hit Me With A Rock (not available for trade)
Home Improvement Theme
If I Could Make Love To A Bottle
I'll Repair For You
Joe Franklin
Laundry Day*
Leisure Suit Serenade
Moldy Now
My Bologna**
Never Eat Prunes Again
Nobody As Wonderful As Me (not available for trade)
Nobody Here But Us Frogs
School Cafeteria
Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut**
Spam Eater**
Steak #3
Still Billy Joel To Me
Stop Dragging My Car Around (demo lyrics)
Stupid Blues
Take Me Down
Take Me to the Liver
Take The "L" Out Of Liver**
Theme From Rocky XIII**
Throw Gravy On You*
We Got The Beef**
Whole Lotta Lunch**
Yoda Chant -BHD tour version-
You Don't Take Your Showers
You Light Up My Life -Punk-

audio interviews

howard stern block buster awards 1998 (full intervue not cut up like the stern tv show)
dr d alapalooza 10-17-93
dr d bhd 3-10-96
kils radio bhd
poplife radio

hotwired 7-22-96 bhd
kroq radio bhd

whcn radio even worse
wmms radio cleveland ohio 12-3-98

larry king live even worse
hot ones 5-7-84

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