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I just thought you deserved to learn a little about me since you decided to come here. so here it goes!

I was born in Cleveland, Ohio on December 2, 1974. After that there isn't much to say untill I was in about the 7th grade (ST. Vincent de Paul grade school)that is when I found Al. I was cleaning my room when I came across a tape my brother made from a friends LP, so I put it in a player and I heard this strange music, then I heard a song I knew, it was "George of the Jungle" I liked this music but was still unsure what it was, cause all the tape said on it was "weird AL". So the next time the family went to a store I looked for an actual tape of "weird AL" it turns out to be "Dare to be Stupid" that was my first AL experience, and I was hooked. after that Found his other albums and liked them all. I was asked a few times what music group I liked, (at that time "guns and roses was a mager band) I always stated "WEIRD AL YANKOVIC" if you remember when you are in school it isn't smart not to go along with the crowd, (I never claimed to be smart)so needless to say I was picked on a bit, (they will all be sorry when i am rich)but I really didn't care what other people thought. So at that time i just continued to buy his albums when they came out. Later I was in the BoyScouts I remember after one of the meetings a couple of people were talking about a concert they were going to, It was "WEIRD AL" so in 1992 i had my first "in person experience" at the "AGORA in Cleveland" it was unbelievable! I wanted to wait after the show but the guy i was with just wanted to just go home, so I was forced to leave since he had the car. The next I heard of Al was when I received a postcard in the mail, it was for this Fanzine called "The Midnight Star" although I was unsure if this was a true magazine or just a scheme to get my money, I took a chance and sent them my money. It was the actual thing. It was nice to see other people liked AL also. Then AL was coming to The Agora theater in Cleveland again for his "ALAPALOOZA TOUR" as soon as i found this out the next day I went to work and told my boss i needed 8/18/94 as a vacation day. The day finally arrived I knew I was going to meet AL and his AWSOME band this day! so i got to the theater at 10:00am the concert was scheduled for 8:00pm so I hung out at the backstage entrance all day. during this time I made friends with the tour bus driver they called him "boots" He was a VERY nice guy, later that day who showed up JON "BERMUDA" SCHWARTS I knew it was his birthday so I came prepaired with a card. He got out of this litle car and i thought it was him but when i asked to make sure everyone said it wasn't, he then got into the tour bus (me being persistant finally convinced him that he was the man I thought he was) and he was kind enough to talk to me for a while and then he had to set up his drums. He came out after he was done and talked with me and just hung out with me some more. later when the rest of the band showed up Jon got them to come out and sign and take a picture with me (all individually)and but the best part was when AL showed up with the rest of the band, the band was all sitting in the car like normal, (the car was a hatchback)and there was AL starring out the back of the hatch waiting for someone to open it so he could get out HE WAS RIDING IN THE TRUNK! AL then was kind enough to sign my "Authorized Al" and take a couple of pictures, the a very nice and lady came up and asked if i was done with him. IT was LYNN DICKINSON!she was very polite and kind (hope to meet her and her family again some day) I got a picture of AL doing sound check and singing to her here is how that happened: sound check, all doors were shut, Lynn came out to get a bag out of the bus, AL came out while singing "1 More Minute" and sung some of the song to her and had her sing a little as I snapped a picture. That was pretty much how I met AL and the band for the first time. I met AL 2 more times since then (not as exciting but still memorable) I met him and the band in Cleveland at the Nautica stage and then I took my dad to Colombus, OH. and we met him together. the Columbus show was by far the worst expierience I have had pertaining to Al. people were rude, they stole my "BHD HAT" and they were RUDE! even the people from the theatre. but that was all my expieriences there. just to let you know i am a high school graduate, working at a car parts wharehouse, in charge of all the defective parts.

I have just added a new part to my life thanks to Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz I have just gotten married on June 15th 2002. I say thank you to Jon because I met my wife backstage at a "Weird Al" concert in Cleveland. If you remember Jon instigated a contest for the running with scissors tour where he let 2 people in each city win a backstage pass for a concert, if not for that I would not be as happy as I am today. THANKYOU JON!!!!!
Well I hope you enjoyed your stay in my pg you can view the following pictures or follow the link back to my home pg.

the pic of AL with Lynn Dickinson
the "Alapalooza bus driver "boots"
the bus the band road in

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