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Family Memories

For anyone who has e-mailed me in the past few years bunches of changes have occurred in my life.Please forgive my lack of response but here's a little bit about what's been going on. I, by the Grace of God, have had contact with the 2 children I was looking for - Stephanie and Jennifer. They are both wonderful and doing well. Thank you God for that! I have also gone into the field of acting and can be seen in 'Welcome To Collinwood', 'American Splendow', 'A Taste Of Fear", and I am currently starring in the play 'Ultimus Venificus' where I am playing the role of 'Gramma'.

If you would like to drop me a line please use the e-mail link at the bottom of this page as I haven't had time to update the other. Thanks and God Bless!
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This is the page I am going to designate as my

links page. This entire Website was meant to

stand as a living memory of my family. Some of

them are gone now- and some remain. I don't

know if they ever really knew how much they

meant - and still mean to me, I hope they did.

I am using a Web tv, not a computer, as

Web tvs are much easier to learn and, for me, a

LOT more fun!

Well, I gotta go now. Enjoy the Surf!

By the way, check out my Favorite

Links-Page 2 for Free Money, great music and more

Cool Links!

Thanx for stopping By! Please enjoy yourself!

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Song in the Night
@ Words & Music by Rae Lee

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