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I'm sorry, but for now, the Dallas Daily News is closed. It was a great joy to keep up the site over the summer, but now that I'm immersed in college life, I just don't have the time anymore. Please feel free to peruse old summaries listed below or enjoy the links. Hopefully, someday the Dallas Daily News will return to its former glory. Thanks to all who have stopped by and I apologize for any inconveniences. If anyone needs an update, do stop by #Oil_Barons_Club on mIRC. I'm there sometimes (as Cliff), as are many friendly "Dallas" fans who can help fill you in.


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Other Summaries Available:

August 1, 1997--"Thrice in a Lifetime"

August 4, 1997--"Hello, Goodbye, Hello"

August 5, 1997--"Blast from the Past"

August 6, 1997--"Return to Camelot"

August 7, 1997--"Pari Per Sue"

August 8, 1997--"Once and Future King"

August 11, 1997--"Enigma"

August 12, 1997--"Trompe L'Oeil"

August 13, 1997--"Territorial Imperative"

August 14, 1997--"The Second Time Around"

August 15, 1997--"Bells Are Ringing"

August 18, 1997--"Who's Who at the Oil Barons' Ball"

August 19, 1997--"Proof Positive"

August 20, 1997--"Something Old and New"

August 21, 1997--"Bar-B-Cued"

August 22, 1997--"The Fire Next Time"

August 25, 1997--"So Shall Ye Reap"

August 26, 1997--"Tick Tock"

August 27, 1997--"Night Visitor"

August 28, 1997--"Cat and Mouse"

August 29, 1997--"High Noon for Calhoun"

September 1, 1997--"Olio"

September 2, 1997--"A Death in the Family"

September 3, 1997--"Revenge of the Nerd"

September 4, 1997--"The Ten Percent Solution"

September 5, 1997--"Some Good, Some Bad"

September 8, 1997--"War and Peace"

September 9, 1997--"Ruthless People"

September 10, 1997--"The Dark at the End of the Tunnel"

September 11, 1997--"Two Fifty"

September 12, 1997--"Fall of the House of Ewing"

September 15, 1997--"Ewing Rise"

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