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Whispers of the Soul
~A Collection of Poems~

Feature Poem

The Golden Star

by: Lady Cinderella

The one golden star
Laid out upon all the rest
Clearly seen through the mist
Brightly shining upon her friends

You can see her weaving her way
In and out of the heavens
With her mischeviousness ways
Full of love happiness

We remember our star
For all of this and more
She will always be in our hearts,
Our dreams, and our memories


Here's the List of Poems!!!

Whispers of the Soul is a exclusive collection of poems.
I post only poems that inspire the heart and soul.
I search the Internet, collect submissions, as well as write some myself.
Enjoy the collection.
~ Lady Cinderella ~


Lady Cinderella updated this site Thursday, 09 February 2006