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Marilyn Manson Is:

You probably have guessed by now.. but Marilyn Manson is my absolute favorite band..They inspired me to be my own person to think before accepting the values and morals that my parents and other "powers that be" tried to force-feed me on a daily basis, and helped me get thru some of the toughest times in my life.

A few years ago, I was a confused, naive kid (coming from "smalltown" Ohio that really wasn't a big surprise), but one day while browsing the CDs at my local record store I bought something that changed my entire outlook, "Portrait of an American Family". Having seen the band on Mtv's The Headbanger's Ball (in my opinion the only show that was worth watching on Mtv..besides Daria) earlier that week I just had to have it, and thus began my journey from being that misunderstood kid to the person I am today, I could really relate to the lyrics and it astonished me that someone could take the chaos that was going on in my head and put it in words. I have Marilyn Manson to thank for opening my eyes and showing me that life is what you make of it and for teaching me that I should do what will make ME happy and not to live for everyone else's satisfaction.

This page is under some major reconstruction, so just bare with me a bit and soon you will be able to behold it in all it's glory.. but for now here are some of my favorite pics of the band and some links to other kick ass Manson sites. Enjoy and come back soon!! Check out the rest of my site too... you may be surprised by what you find here.

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