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Grandpa's Coronet

These will be Pictures of Grandpa's 1968 R/T 440 4 Speed Coronet. He bought this car new and it has 28,000 miles..very nice..we are trying to get it ready for him to race..and not hurt anything on the car..we got all the Original parts to put it back the way it was. Rollbar is a bolt-in. Nothing was cut or changed that could not be put back. Except Frame tie's they was welded in..O fippin well..They Had to be there..I know there will be Guys out there.Oo my you should restore and keep it like it was! Well sorry we like to have Fun..don't want to sit around in a chair all day and look at it ! we will someday put it back like it was..right now we are going to have some fun..It will be ok..chill out :)

Grandpa Working

The Car

Front Shot

Side Shot

Rear Shot


Steering Wheel

Trunk Shot

Plate around roll bar

Motor Build Pictures