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Eclectic Life

(or How I Survived Tomorrow)

             Hey you!!  Come back here.  This site is ALWAYS changing!  

Hello and welcome to my life. I am William "Tip" Tippery. You may know me as as a karaoke singer who does everything from Jim Reeves to Sawyer Brown to Jerry Lee Lewis to The Crazy Elephant. You may deal with me as the Management Analyst with the Jackson Pike Wastewater Treatment Plant or maybe as a hobby gardener and woodworker trying to keep up our home in Reynoldsburg. Well...that's not the half of it. I am also the father of a 25 year old multi-talented and ambitious daughter, Amanda, who has a daughter, Audrey. Additionally I am the husband of a classically trained violist and violinist who teaches elementary level vocal music. My son, Gabe, is a design student at Ohio State and works at Cup O' Joe while drumming on the side. He also has a daughter, Isabella, and a son, Ezra. If that's not confusing enough, I am also a 22 year Navy veteran and a member of the VFW, the American Legion, the USGA and MENSA. I often wear slouch boots with pin stripe suits and a soft brimmed hat. In my spare time I am teaching myself web-site design and woodturning, as well as striving to improve my poetry writing and golfing. I have a lot to learn yet and would appreciate any suggestions - just e-mail me! I want this web site to continue to be an interesting place to visit.

What You Will Find Here...

"You can lead a horse to water but you can only drown him once."

"You CAN teach an old dog new tricks. But he's still an old dog!"

What You Won't Find Here...

Tip’s Top Twelve Karaoke Songs (the ones I currently enjoy performing) !!!
Sea Of Heartbreak - Don Gibson
Ace In the Hole – George Strait
Your Man - Josh Turner
Step That Step - Sawyer Brown
A Woman's Love - Alan Jackson
Don't Call Him A Cowboy - Conway Twitty
Older Women – Ronnie McDowell
Ruby Baby - Billy "Crash" Craddock
Lucky Man - Montgomery Gentry
Beach Boy Blues – Elvis Presley
Stand Up - Mel McDaniels
Rocky Mountain Music - Eddie Rabbitt
Come join me at your local karaoke show!! I'm sing mostly on the east side at Bellagio's Pub, The Blarney Stone, or The Scotch and Soda. Let's have some FUN!

Here's Who You're Talkin' To!"

Hi! My name is Suede. I'm the cutest member of the Tippery household. But as you can see, that's VERY tiring. Look for my baby pictures (and pictures of the cats - Bela and Camille) in the Rogue's gallery.

Thanks for visiting this site. It gives Bill something to do other than wanting to play fetch!

"Get the stick girl. Get the Stick!" Give me a break, will ya!!!

Feel free to link this page to yours (I can use the help!).
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