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Tom's Ocean Of Memories

Later this year it is said.. a ship will be brought back to life....
I'm flying Jack.... A ship so big, luxurious, and so well known is coming back this coming year. A top selling movie all over the world, and yet a new ship. Make that TWO new ships.

True loveWith the making between two companies making two ships.....The world can not handle two of these ships, one is enough, but what will they do with the other? History shall repeat itself..over and over again......

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I'd like to thank everyone that sent me stuff on titanic. I recieved many pics and wav's from ya'll. I got some sponsers now, so if you want, go ahead and take a look at them.

April 14, 1999 87 years have passed since Titanic has struck a deadly iceberg. What if the time would have changed one minute off? What if there was no iceberg... what if....
The Titanic struck an iceberg, leaving thousands frozen, few survived. I wrote this on April 14, 1999, at 11:31 PM (est). 87 years ago, First officer, Murdoch had 9 minutes to get the act together. In the movie, Jack and Rose would have just came up from the foward deck (located on B-deck)