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These awards will be given to those sites made by Webtv users and pc'ers as well, that win our hearts.They are awards of excellence to an elite group of people who demonstrate exceptional style of HTML and CREATIVITY in their pages. These awards may also go to those special people who offer a helping hand to other users, but they must be nominated. Please do not steal these awards, as they are meant to be given. All sites must show that a lot of work went into the planning and preparation of your page. Please upload to your own page and if you need help with this contact us at, we would be glad to help! BONUS POINTS for CREATIVITY, SIGNing our GUESTBOOK & ADDing YOUR LINK!! If you meet the standards below, please fill out form and submit. Award #1 is a top honor award, it can't be applied for, alittle more difficult to get. Your site will have to really grab our hearts. Awards #2 & #3 are for sites that make us want to come back for more. Also Award #3 is also for those who go out of their way to help others, and we all know of someone like this that has helped us or others. You must include your homepage name, url, site description and why you feel you deserve this award in the comments box!! A SPECIAL THANKS to Rexy for all her help on these awards!! Check our her homepage
~Rexy's Place!!!

Award must link back to ~Swooner's House~
Good layout, easy surfing.
No Pornographic sites or links.
NO broken links!!
No commercial sites, personal homepages ONLY.
No site that promotes racial hate, violence against man amor animal.
Your site should show you have put time & effort into it.
If your site is under construction, it won't be considered.amPlease submit when your site is done.
BONUS Points for Creativity, Signing the Guestbook & amAdding YOUR Link!!
psssst...Fast Loading IS always a plus!! ;-)

Your comments are appreciated!

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