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~Gifs & Backgrounds~

<META NAME="DESCRIPTION" CONTENT="Links to free gifs,amimation,backgrounds,buttons,bars,lines,icons,images,jpg."> <META NAME="KEYWORDS" CONTENT="Webtv, gifs, backgrounds, midis, html, javascript, kids, pets, cards, freebies"> <BODY> <body background=" es/bubbk.gif"> <bgsound src=" WAV" loop=true> <center> <b> <I> <font size=4> ~WebTV Friendly Sites~ <br> <font size="3"> <br> <img src=" ation. gif"> <br> <br> <a href=""> Draac's Gifs123</a> <br> <a href=""> Terri's Treasure Chest</a> <br> <a href=" 510"> WebTV Friends Linkable GIF Pages</a> <br> <a href="" > Melissa's Free Animated Gif Page</a> <br> <a href=" aphics .html">Music Graphics Galore</a> <br> <a href="">The Cottage</a> <br> <a href=" "> Silky's Gifs</a> <br> <a href="" > Gifs To Go</a> <br> <a href=" 589/"> Imaging Man</a> <br> <a href=" tml"> Terry's Graphics</a> <br> <img src=" "> <br> <a href=""> Pooh's Wonderland</a> <br> <a href=" /index .html">T_BO's Home Page</a> <br> <a href=""> Russ's Linkable Image Files</a> <br> <a href=" "> Free Gifs For WebTV</a> <br> <a href=""> 1001 Background Images</a> <br> <a href=""> Animated Gif Finder</a> <br> <a href=""> Cool Graphics</a> <br> <a href=""> RC's House</a> <br> <img src=" kbub.gif"> <br> <a href=""> <img src=""> </a> <br> <font size=1> ~Graphics & Background Courtesy of~ <br> ~Terri's Treasure Chest~ <br> <br> <br> <br> <font size=3> <!---start of code---> <center> <p> <a href=" er=Swo onersHouse">Sign Our Guestbook</a> <a href=""> <img src=" " height="31" width="88" border="0" alt="GuesbookbyGuestWorld"> </a> <a href=" er=Swo onersHouse">View Our Guestbook</a> </center> <!---end of code---> <br> <br> <center> <form method=post action=> <SELECT name=URLLink><OPTION selected=selected value="">Where Ya Wanna Go Next?? ;-)</OPTION><OPTION value=""> ~Swooner's House of Links~<br>HOME</OPTION><OPTION value=" ners">Add~YOUR~Link</OPTION><OPTION value=""> Webtv Help & Homepage Links</OPTION><OPTION value=""> ~*~Kis's Cards~*~</OPTION><OPTION value=""> Gifs & Backgrounds</OPTION><OPTION value=""> Swooner's Midis~Wavs~Sounds</OPTION><OPTION value=""> Our Friends </OPTION><OPTION value=""> Swooner's House Banners Exchange</OPTION><OPTION value=" ">Want Our Award?</OPTION><OPTION value="" Award Winners!!!</OPTION><OPTION value=""> Our Awards</OPTIONS> <OPTION value=""> More Swooners Awards</OPTION><OPTION value=""> Free Stuff!</OPTION><OPTION value=""> Just Us Kids!!</OPTION> <OPTION value=""> Fantasy Art</OPTION><OPTION value=""> Love Your Pets!!</OPTION><OPTION value=""> Webrings We Support</OPTIONS></SELECT><br> <input type=submit value="Swo00oon Me There!!!"></form></CENTER> <br> <br> <br> <br> <a href=""nocolor><img src="" animateonselect> <br>Click here HtmlHelp</a> <br> <br> <br> <br> <div align="center"> <font color="seagreen" size="5" effect="emboss"> <blackface> <embed src=" 1.html"> <form name="clock"> <nobr> <input type="button" name="face" borderimage="file://rom/borders/buttonborder2.bif" onClick="alert('Clock courtesy of:<p><a href=>Zo da Wrap</a>');" usestyle nohighlight> </nobr> </form> </blackface> </font> </div> <br> <br> <font size=2> Thanks for stopping by! <br> Please come again soon! <br> winking at ya~Swooners~ <br> ;-) <font size=3> <br> <br> <table background="" border="5"> <tr><td align="center"> <img src="" usemap="#map" HeighT=225 WidtH=300> <map name="map"> <area shape="rect" coords="204,104,253,157" href=""> <area shape="rect" coords="53,104,103,157" href=";id=42;random"> <area shape="rect" coords="19,156,67,209" href=";id=42;prev"> <area shape="rect" coords="83,156,134,209" href=";list"> <area shape="rect" coords="167,156,225,209" href=";id=42;next"> <area shape="rect" coords="231,156,287,209" href=";id=42;next5"> <area shape="default" nohref> </map> </tr></td></table> <br> <br> <br> <!--BEGIN LE FASTCOUNTER CODE--> <A HREF="" target="_top"> <img border="0" src=""></a> <!--END LE FASTCOUNTER CODE--> <br> <!--BEGIN LE FASTCOUNTER LINK--> <font face="arial" size="1"> <a href="" target="_top">Le Fastcounter</a> </font> <br> <br> </body> </html> <!--ENDFREETEXT--> <!--EndFreetext--> <p> <!--Email--> <center>Email: <a href=""></a></center> <!--EndEmail--> </body> </html>