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Hola, I be Kat. As you may have previously guessed this is my webpage. It is a really crappy excuse for a webpage too...This is the first time in a while that I have actually changed a lot about it in a big long while. Most people don't know what a MOnkey® is, so now is the time for me to explain this wonderful thing. To be a MOnkey® is often thought of as a great priveledge, not many people in the world get to be MOnkeys®...only people i love and deem worthy. Another qualification of being a MOnkey® is that you have to want to be one. There have been a few people who have turned down the great opportunity, which makes them suck booty...Oh yeah another thing about MOnkeys® is that you dont pronounce it like munkee's more of a monekey type of deal because you stress the MO part of the it has a little ® thingy-do at the end of makes it all speshal like. Ok so that's my explanation of MOnkeys®, and if you have anything else you wanna know you can either email me at , sign my guestbook, sign my SlamBook, or if you wanna be really kewl you could do all three!...P.S. anything written in slate blue is the stuff that I am gonna change some time or another, so that is a good reason that you should come back as often as possible ok?well i haven't been here for a while....but no one else has either obviously....but that's ok...i am moving out at the end of the summer with AliciA and witto Sami, it should be awesome.......But anyways...
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My List of MOnkeys®.

My Pome "Ode to boys".

**The parody to my pome..."Ode to Grrlz".

These are the things that I have adopted online.

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