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I have loved cats since I was little. My parents had a black male who was
already a ripe old seven years by the time I was born. His name was Tzar.
He was an outdoor cat with a severe attitude. Still when he would let me
pet him, his purr could be heard all over the house. He died at the age
of 19

When I was five, we found a cute little white kitten on our doorstep. We
took this helpless little male in, and we found that he LOVED attention.
In a few months, we found out our cute little Frosty was an angora. He
literally puffed out. He also lived a long time and enjoyed his 17 years.

From living in house that had two male cats under the roof, I now have two
female cats living with me and my hubby. Candy, a black shorthair, was
given to me by my husband on Valentine's day. She is now five. She loves
to sit in people's laps, and she is the first cat I know that loves to
have her belly rubbed.

The new addition is a gray tabby named Mako. We just got her a few weeks
ago, and she is a bundle of energy. We have also found out that she gets
very jealous if we pay attention to Candy instead of her. Needless to
say, a few fights between these two have occurred.

After having four cats and seeing my mother-in-law's two,
I can honestly say that each cat has its own personality. This is
one of the reasons I love them so much.