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What I Personally Believe In

I am a Christian. I may lean towards the protestant view of the faith, but I am
non-denominational. I do not agree with any doctrine 100%, therefore I will
not subscribe to the beliefs of any one church. Besides, I do not believe the
Christian faith to be a strict religion. I believe it to be a one-on-one
relationship between a person and his/her Creator.

I also believe in psychic abilities. This may seem odd for a Christian,
but it's not really. Many of God's gifts are viewed by our scientific
society as being psychic in nature. Joseph, and Daniel (who also had
meaningful dreams), could interpet dreams, Isaiah and Elijah could
see spiritual images, Revelation is a vision given to the Apostle John,
and the many prophets in the Bible show that these things could happen.

The one ability that I have that has grown stronger over the years is
having dreams that come true or that have symbolic meaning for the
future. For example, six months before my mother's death, I had a dream
that it was definitely going to happen.

I must admit, it's not easy being a Christian with psychic abilities. I
went to my former pastor to discuss it with him, and he tried to
exorcise a demon out of me. Needless to say, that really made me
mad. I left my faith for time as I tried to find someone who would
understand. I found a lot of nice people who practice different faiths.
Even though we walk different paths, I wish to thank them all for
their support and help.